Refund Policies

Before buying a ticket, customers are requested to read the following cancellation and refund policies carefully.

Cancellation Policy

Tickets bought through can be cancelled as per the cancellation policy below. However, as a ticket selling agent, is bound to comply with the terms set by the operator/event organizer/vendor whose ticket it is selling. So, if the operator/event organizer denies refund even though claim was made within the terms mentioned here, will be unable to issue such refund.

Auto cancellation

  • • The ticket will be treated as cancelled if passenger fails to report at the reporting station before the departure schedule.

Failure to Pay

  • • No ticket will be activated unless the customer has paid the full amount mentioned on the screen.
  • • For mobile payments, it is the responsibility of the customer to input transaction ID (if applicable), PIN, OTP properly within time to confirm his ticket by himself. sometimes does the verification for the customer as a courtesy, but it is not’s responsibility or service promise.
  • • Tickets will be automatically canceled if customer does not confirm payment within 30 minutes. For mobile payments customer must complete payment and also verify transaction within this stipulated time. During Eid sales month, will not do any verification on behalf of the customers.

Ticket cancellation eligibility

Regular Time (Non-Eid Period)

To be eligible for refund, customer needs to cancel the ticket from before the applicable time before the departure. And must report the cancelation to the support center (i.e Call 09613 555 000 or email to of

Operator Hours before trip time Remarks
Paribahan Online 12 Excluding 12:00 AM to 06:00 AM

Note: If the ticket is partially cancelled then it won't be cancel any more.

During Eid

  • • For eid tickets, customers are eligible for refund ONLY if the operator cancels the trip and cannot provide an alternative arrangement.

Refund Policy

Regular Time (Non-Eid Period)

  • • No ticket will be refunded unless it has been cancelled as per the cancellation policy above.
  • • In case of technical problem or any failed transaction due to network failure, time delay on complete payment, input transaction ID/validation of transaction (in case of mobile payment) or any other situation where payment is successful but ticket is not generated on that case, no refunds will be processed without a written request in the correct format (as outlined below) sent to within the timeframe requirement given above
  • • Refund Request Format :
    •        o Ticket # (required if a ticket was issued)
    •        o Mobile number used while buying the ticket
    •        o Category (e.g Bus/Cruise)
    •        o Date of payment
    •        o Method of Payment (e.g., bkash, card etc.)
    •        o Mobile payment trxID (for mobile payments)
    •        o Card type (e.g. VISA) and last 4 digits (for card payments)
    •        o Where refund should be given to:
    •               Personal bKash Number (If paid through bkash) OR
    •               OR Bank details (if paid through card/online baking/DBBL mobile banking) with Account Number, Bank Account Name, Bank Name, Branch Name and Routing Code.
    •               No cash refund given
    •               For cards, refund will be given only to the card used for purchases

During Eid

  • • Customers MUST claim refund at the operator’s counters in case of trip cancellations.

Timeline of refund

Regular Time (Non-Eid Period)

  • • Upon receiving refund requests accurately in the format outlined above, will process refund within 15 business days (excluding holidays / weekends), subject to verification by the transportation operator/event organizer.
  • • For clarity, timing commitment starts from the time of receiving the ACCURATE information, mistakes will cause delays
  • • Further if the operator/event organizer takes time to verify eligibility or denies refund, will not be able to fulfill the request.
    •        o In case of payments through bKash, credit card, debit card or internet banking, after processes the refund, the payment gateway or bank may take up to 1 week to 2 weeks to credit the amount to customer account, which is beyond’s responsibility. Once has processed the refund, customers are requested to enquire at their respective bank(s) about the status of the refund.

During Eid

  • • Customer must claim refund from bus operator’s counter before trip time

Amount of refund

  • • Fees charged by payment gateways, credit / debit cards, mobile payment gateways (e.g. bKash) are non-refundable due to the policies of the respective organizations, which is beyond's control.
  • • convenience fee is refundable only in case of trip cancellations by operators during non-eid times. For Eid tickets, convenience fee is non-refundable even if the operator has cancelled the trip. This fee is also non-refundable if the passenger cancels the tickets due to a change of decision to travel.
  • • As per policy of an operator, may deduct a certain percentage (%) of the ticket price towards cancellation fee, where-ever applicable.
  • • For refunds through mobile payment gateways (e.g. bKash), a fee is charged by the mobile payment company which will be deducted from the eligible refund amount. Similar condition will apply if the bank charges any such additional fee.

Special circumstances

  • • If a customer has sent payment to but the e-ticket is not confirmed or generated, i.e., there is no transaction ID or tickets booked/reserved by the mobile number of the mobile payment account, he can claim for refund in the similar procedure as above, without the ticket number. Such refunds will be given 7 business days (excluding Friday and Saturday) AFTER the event/trip has taken place. This is applicable for eid times also.
  • • If a customer has made an excess or less payment for a ticket accidentally, he is eligible for refund but he must claim for the refund within 24 hours of making the payment
  • • If a customer has reserved a ticket and made a payment, however, for some reason, the ticket purchase process was not successful and a ticket was not issued, a customer can claim refund as per the policy above. Ticket number is not required, but mobile # used for booking and other information are required.
    • • In case of card payments, last 4 digits of the card, type of card is also needed. It is to be noted that for reasons beyond’s control, card payment may sometimes require time to post on the payment gateway’s panel which uses to verify payment. can only verify payment after it has been posted on the said panel.
    • • In case of BKash payments, full mobile number will be required. It is to be noted that for reasons beyond’s control, payment may require some times to post on the payment gateway’s panel which uses to verify payment. can only verify payment after it has been posted on the said panel.

Note: Terms and conditions of refund policy might time to time update or changed without any notice.

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